Rise To Fall on Booksprout

I uploaded Rise To Fall onto Booksprout today. There are 20 copies available to read for FREE until 31st March 2020 [since posting, there are now 19 copies available]. The only caveat is that you please leave a review 🙂 That’s it! Simply sign up to Booksprout as a reader (if you aren’t already), and download the ARC. You get a free copy of Rise To Fall and when you’re done reading, please leave an honest review.

Click here to visit the Rise To Fall Booksprout page! Link will open in a new tab.

Rise To Fall has been published for a while, so even though it’s listed as an “ARC” [Advance Review Copy] it really isn’t. I’m hoping to garner some more reviews for it. As I’ve said many times before, reviews are really important to authors – especially us indie-published ones.

  1. Reviews offer more exposure and publicity.
    The book industry is quite a saturated market. A book with plenty of reviews gets noticed by potential readers more than a book with no reviews.
  2. If a book has 50 or more reviews Amazon will list the book in newsletters and other promotions.
    Obviously this is very beneficial to the author. It helps widen the author’s audience and will possibly increase their sales.
  3. A lot of readers rely on reviews to decide whether they will enjoy the book or not.
    Leaving a review not only helps the author, but also the readers. Your review might help someone find their next favourite book or they might decide the book isn’t for them and you’ll save them time and money.

Reviews can be as detailed or as simple as you want, a simple sentence or five paragraphs, it’s all up to you. Regardless of how much you decide to write, the time you spent writing is appreciated. If you have read Danethrall or Rise To Fall, I would LOVE to receive a review from you.

You can leave a review on the following pages (each link opens in new tab):


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