Rise To Fall eBook & Update

As of 8AM on 14th February until 12AM 21st February, the Rise To Fall eBook will be on sale for only 99 cents/99p on Amazon US and UK. If you’ve read Danethrall but not RTF, now is your chance to get an awesome deal.

Book 3 had been coming along nicely. The first draft is maybe 100 pages away from completion – as long as I don’t change my mind and have to redo/cut a bunch of pages and chapters [again]. Without giving too much away, Aveline made this big decision and by the time I’d written 380 pages, I decided it didn’t make sense/wasn’t realistic for her, so it had to be changed. At least twenty pages were immediately cut, lots of paragraphs were edited/removed/rewritten. This decision Aveline had made affected many of the characters, so going off and changing it affected them as well. Aveline’s current way of handling the situation she’s in feels far more natural and realistic, I’m much happier with it.

Right now the first draft is 376 pages and 125,769 words long. I’m aiming for the book to be a similar size to Rise To Fall, probably a bit larger. It sounds ridiculous, but I find it visually satisfying for novels in a series to be either a consistent thickness or the books grow larger with each additional installment in the series. For example, the Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell – they’re all between 300 and 400 pages – quite consistently sized. The Harry Potter books on the other hand started with a 200-odd page book and each got fatter and fatter – the 7th novel in the series is a whopping 600+ pages. Each example is pleasing to see on a shelf.

Book 3 still has a few more chapters to go, then the editing process begins and that will take a while on it’s own. Book 3 also needs a title. Maybe after it’s finished I’ll have something figured out. 😛 I don’t have an estimate of when the book will be released yet, but fingers crossed it will be within the next six months (maybe … 😛 Haha).

Any who, I need to make breakfast for the kids and me (it’s Saturday, we slept in and have been lolling around all morning, as you should on a weekend. :P). Hopefully I’ll get some typing done today. What are your plans? Whatever they are, I hope they go well.


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