Rise To Fall on Booksprout

I uploaded Rise To Fall onto Booksprout today. There are 20 copies available to read for FREE until 31st March 2020 [since posting, there are now 19 copies available]. The only caveat is that you please leave a review 🙂 That’s it! Simply sign up to Booksprout as a reader (if you aren’t already), and download the ARC. You get a free copy of Rise To Fall and when you’re done reading, please leave an honest review. Click here to visit the Rise To Fall Booksprout page! Link will open in a new tab. Rise To Fall has been published … Continue reading Rise To Fall on Booksprout

Booksprout (aaagain)

I’ve been playing around on Booksprout again this evening after watching the Demolition Derby at the Genesee County Fair this evening (it was an incredibly fun night with the family). Unfortunately, I did find out that I can’t add mobi or epub versions of Danethrall for download on the Danethrall review page after publishing the review request, so the only download available is PDF. Sucks, but at least it’s something. 😛 If you would like a mobi or epub version to read, send me an email and I’ll email one over to you in exchange for a review. 😉 I … Continue reading Booksprout (aaagain)

Promotion, Reviews and Booksprout

Today I made an account on Booksprout to help promote the Danethrall Trilogy. So far I have only uploaded a PDF version of Danethrall onto the site as a tester. Sometime over the weekend I intend to upload mobi and epub files as well. Click this link so you can visit Booksprout, get your FREE copy of Danethrall to review! There are only TWENTY copies available and reviews are due by the 30th September 2019. I’ll give you fair warning, I am still learning about Booksprout so I will answer all the questions I can, but I don’t know much … Continue reading Promotion, Reviews and Booksprout