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Old Norse
On the Old Norse page, I have compiled a list of Old Norse words featured in Danethrall, and their meanings. There is also a pronunciation guide and various links to Old Norse dictionaries available online.

Reading List
Titles and Amazon weblinks to the many books I consulted while writing Danethrall are listed on this page, along with basic information (author, published date, etc) about the books. I really need to update this page with the other books I studied while writing Rise to Fall and Ashes Remain, but this is a pretty good list of mostly non-fiction books I recommend any history buff or Old Norse enthusiast check out.

Recommended Links
Much like the Reading List, this page is filled with websites I researched while writing my novels. This list is extensive, ranging from archery to Viking ships, food to language, religion to trade, and so much more. Again, it’s in much need of an update, but there is an overwhelming amount of information located on all of the websites for anyone writing a Viking historical fiction or just researching them for fun.

If you want to have a peek at some of my non-literary pursuits, visit the Projects page. There are only three projects there so far, the Norse underdress, Norse apron dress, and an inexpensive mead-making method I tried out. It was fun to document the process of making the clothing and alcohol, even if I wasn’t very good at it! Haha.

Historical Fiction Keywords
For all my fellow indie authors/self-published authors out there, this page is for you. While running various advertisement campaigns for the Danethrall Trilogy, I compiled a massive list of keywords. The keywords listed belong in the following categories: Viking/Norse/Medieval, Romance/Erotica, HF/HR Authors, Danethrall Trilogy Specific, and Other, though I have linked another website that has even more keywords for far more genres.