Another day in the life of an indie author who has no idea what she’s doing.

With this coronavirus craziness going on, I haven’t had that much time to write even though I’ve been cooped up in the house. With the children’s school shut down, I’ve been busy homeschooling and playing with them and by the time evening comes along, I’m too tired to write.

I have been able to snatch moments on my phone to check my email, Facebook, etc, and even a few chances to do some researching. I’ve been looking into promoting and marketing, and one thing that is constantly recommended is starting a mailing list – so I dragged my happy butt over to Mailchimp (the most popular and frequently recommended site on all the indie author webpages and help sites).

How did that go, you ask? Terribly. I signed up for the free account and found myself completely lost. After bumbling through the process and attempting to craft my first email, I gave up and deleted my account. I’m going to try again later this evening.

I’m pretty sure I know where I went wrong – there was a portion of the sign up process where you answer a 60 second questionnaire to give Mailchimp an idea of what you want your account for. I must’ve answered a question wrong or something because the account they set up seemed more fitting for an online store rather than an author website. :/ With that in mind, I’ll be sure to change my answers when I try again.

In other news, I gave away twenty ePub copies of Danethrall today via the website “Voracious Readers Only”. I’m hoping to garner a few readers and possibly even a few reviews. As I’m sure you’ve heard me harp on about before, reviews are really important to indie authors. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on going on another rant as to why. 😉 Haha!

Anyway, now I’ve got that all off my chest, (the Mailchimp thing made me really frustrated – can you tell?), how are you surviving the coronavirus isolation? – GSKT

PS – It was my daughter Romilly’s birthday on Monday. She turned the big 5! Here’s an adorable picture my friend took of her blowing out the candles at her birthday party.

Romilly getting ready to blow out her candles on her birthday cake.

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