Finished Writing Book 3!

Holy cow. I did it! I finally finished writing the third and final novel in the Danethrall Trilogy! By “finished”, I mean I’ve completed writing the manuscript and now it’s time for a few rounds of reading, editing, rereading, and yet more editing before sending it off to be read and edited by a couple more pairs of eyes, considering and making recommended changes, etc, etc, etc.

I was hoping to have this book finished, edited and published in 2020 – at this point it’s looking like it won’t be published until early 2022 if I’m lucky. Still, step one is done and I’m choosing to focus on current accomplishments rather than the past.

It’s time to start thinking about a name for the novel – after that, I can work on designing a cover while the manuscript is being looked over.

I’m feeling a mixture of emotions – I’m ecstatic and relieved to finally finish writing this novel, but I’m sad, too. I intended for this series to be a trilogy, and now the trilogy is done. This is it for this story. Once the rest of the editing and refining processes are done, it will be time for me to say goodbye to these characters. Very bittersweet.

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