Ad Campaign Results

My campaign finished two days ago and, I’ll be honest, I forgot it was running until this evening. I did a quick look and here are the results: my books received a total of 648 impressions – high five, they were displayed 648 times so possibly at least that many people saw them! Woo! Unfortunately, my books were only clicked a total of 3 times. Specifically, Danethrall was clicked on – the eBook twice and the physical once.

Below is a screenshot of where the clicks came from – surprisingly, I had ZERO clicks from when my books were advertised at the top of search, which I was not expecting at all. That position is supposedly prime real estate and it did literally nothing for me.

(***Press the CTRL button and scroll on your mouse wheel to zoom in to view the screenshot. I didn’t realise how tiny the images would turn out. My apologies! – GSKT***)

That wasn’t even the most surprising part of this campaign. The thing that shocked me were two of the search terms that led to clicks. Have a look for yourself.


I put ‘erotic’ and ‘sex’ in the keywords because of the steamy, graphic sex scenes in the books. These books are by no means in a million years erotic novels but I figured that people who are searching for erotic books aren’t going to be put off by graphic sex scenes. My books definitely don’t match those latter two search terms at all, so I understand why the readers didn’t purchase the books. I appreciate the clicks though – much love. ❤

All in all, interesting results. May not have led to any purchases but I am trying again. I know I said I’d change the costs of keywords and muck about with the second campaign in my previous post, but I was too lazy this evening. I copied the previous campaign and am running it for another week (tonight until the 25th).

Cross fingers things pick up a bit! Maybe on the 25th I’ll run a third campaign and actually increase the cost per keyword and see if that will boost the views and clicks. Until then, we’ll wait and see.


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