Promotion, Reviews and Booksprout

Today I made an account on Booksprout to help promote the Danethrall Trilogy. So far I have only uploaded a PDF version of Danethrall onto the site as a tester. Sometime over the weekend I intend to upload mobi and epub files as well. Click this link so you can visit Booksprout, get your FREE copy of Danethrall to review! There are only TWENTY copies available and reviews are due by the 30th September 2019.

I’ll give you fair warning, I am still learning about Booksprout so I will answer all the questions I can, but I don’t know much so far, haha. I would really appreciate if you could share the link and get word out there. Also, if you have already Danethrall or Rise To Fall, please leave a review either on Amazon or Goodreads.

Also, quick reminder, the UK and US Danethrall and Rise To Fall ebooks will be on sale TOMORROW 24th August 2019 for 99p/99 cents!

Thanks so much! – GSKT

eBooks Promotion!

Romilly and baby Kitt when he was still living in the barn.


What have you been doing this summer? I have been enjoying the summer swimming and going on trips with my kids – we have visited Detroit Zoo, Splash Village and Wilderness Zoo so far this holiday; we have even acquired a new member of the family, Kitt the Cat. 😀 He’s an adorable little demon from my mother-in-law’s barn, who now lives quite happily in our house. We’ve also been building a pen beside our goat shed. Not sure if I want to get goats first or chickens, but we’ll figure that out after the pen and barn are finished. 😛

I also At the end of this month, the Rise To Fall AND Danethrall eBooks are going to be on sale for 99 cents/99p on Amazon US and UK! Starting from 8am on 24th August and ending on the 31st August at 12am. Grab yourself an offer! 😀 Also, if you haven’t already, please leave a review. I’d love to hear what you think!

Have a wonderful day! – GSKT

Zacky and Kitt cuddling in Zacky’s bed.

Rise To Fall out now!

Today is the day, the second installment of the Danethrall trilogy is out now!

Unfortunately due to some issues with the printers, Rise To Fall will not be available to purchase as paperback until 1st May at latest, but until then it is available in e-Book format. 🙂 I have been working on these issues for the past week and was hoping to have it all resolved by now, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Thank you all for supporting me in my writing endeavours, I hope you enjoy Rise To Fall.


Music and Writing

When I write I listen to a variety of different music. Sometimes I listen to Studio Ghibli soundtracks on YouTube (I love My Neighbor Totoro!), other times I listen to European or Japanese metal bands or Icelandic and Faroese pop singers. Sometimes I listen to powerful ballads or I find a playlist of sad instrumental music (I don’t know what it is about sorrowful music, but it really gets my creative juices flowing). I’ll even listen to Disney songs – the Moana soundtrack has been on repeat pretty often lately.

More often than not, however, I turn to Viking or Germanic inspired bands for inspiration. My current favourites are Wardruna, Heilung and Danheim, though there are so many great bands and songs out there.

There are a handful of songs that I’ve been listening to obsessively while writing Rise To Fall. Here they are, listed below:

  • Faun (featuring Einar Selvik) “Odin”
  • Garmana “Herr Mannelig”
  • Wardruna “Völuspá”
  • Heilung “Alfadhirhaiti”
  • The Vikings Suite performance by Trevor Morris and Einar Selvik at the FMF 2015 TV Series Gala.

I urge you to check them out, they’re incredible songs. Below is Heilung’s live performance of “Alfadhirhaiti”. Their stage presence, the costume and stage decoration, the power of their music and the guttural, growling vocals, the warriors and their weapons – I can almost feel the atmosphere through my laptop screen, it’s such a spectacular song.

When you’re writing or drawing or working, what do you tend to listen to? What music or songs inspire you?


PS – I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but Rise To Fall should be completed soon. The deadline is set for Rise To Fall to be released by the end of April. I am literally on the final chapter as we speak. 😀 Next is a few tweaks of the cover and everything is done.

Today’s The Day!

Right now the Danethrall e-Book is available on for only 99 cents and 99p on! Offer ends at 12 AM on the 10th March. Go check it out, and spread the word!


PS – Click on the image to your left to be taken directly to Danethrall‘s page.

Ten Days To Go!

There are only ten days to go until the Danethrall e-Book goes on sale for 99 cents on and 99p on! The deal begins at 12AM on the 3rd March 2019 and ends at 12 AM on the 10th March. Spread the word!