Amazon Advertising Campaign

2021 has been a bad year for business – and I mean bad. I’ve sold four books since 1st January 2021 to now (1st October 2021). Four. In the same time frame, only 3717 KENP pages have been read – that’s roughly a quarter of the usual pages since 2018. (For those who don’t know, KENP stands for Kindle Edition Normalised Pages where some of my earnings are determined by how many of my books’ pages are read.) Have some pretty charts to see why I’m a sad panda. Pretty abysmal, amiright? After having a whine on Twitter and feeling rather sorry … Continue reading Amazon Advertising Campaign

Book Reviews

Please click the following titles to leave a review for DANETHRALL or RISE TO FALL on Amazon. 😀 They will take you directly to the review pages for each book. Book reviews really help indie authors get their books noticed. The more reviews my books receive, the better placement I will get in Amazon’s algorithm. Not to mention, I’d love to hear what you thought about my books! Who did you love? Who did you hate? What was your favourite part? You can even just leave a picture of you and the books! 🥰 To leave a review on Bookbub … Continue reading Book Reviews

Book Marketing and Social Media

Book marketing is by far the hardest part of the book process. I’ve struggled with it since the moment my first book was done. A lot of my issue is finding an audience. If I want to be more successful, I need to find a way of getting my books out in front of more people. I need to find my readers, I need to interact with them. Enter social media – and all the woes that come with it. When I was a young teenager, it was easy to navigate social media. First of all, there was only one … Continue reading Book Marketing and Social Media

Rise To Fall Valentine’s Day deal!

8AM on 14th February until 12AM 21st February, Rise To Fall will be only 99 cents on and 99p on! If you’ve already bought Danethrall and haven’t got around to checking out Rise To Fall, this will be your chance to snatch up an awesome deal. If you can’t wait until then, click the image below – it will take you to the RTF page on Amazon US. – GSKT Continue reading Rise To Fall Valentine’s Day deal!


It was by birthday two weeks ago, I turned twenty-eight. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of birthdays, but it was nice. My husband spoiled me with some new house plants, new books, some “Sailor Moon” Luna and Artemis salt shakers (I’ve been obsessed with that anime since I was a little kid) and a wrap skirt – I’m looking forward to summer when I can wear it. 😛 It ended up snowing the day after my birthday – I don’t know the total, but there was a LOT. It’s finally melting away; hopefully we can have a couple more … Continue reading Ramblings