FG Laval’s The Blue King

Title: The Blue King
Author: FG Laval
Published Date: 23rd April 2022
Page Count: 204
Price: $0.99
Reviewer: Gwendoline SK Terry (22nd May 2022)

Princess Nerys dreams of marrying a prince or a king to cement a political alliance; it is her duty as a Princess of Carentan. When her dream comes true, the timing could not be worse; for her life and for the history of the Western Isles.

Something is amiss in the Kingdom of Tordre. On her wedding night to the King of Tordre, Nerys discovers a sinister secret hiding in the depths of Castle Ryemont; a king with two faces, who is not the husband she was expecting.

One day on a journey back home, Nerys is kidnapped and finds herself in the midst of a revolution to overthrow the monarchy. Whose story should she believe and on which side will she fight? She clings to her memories and her growing love for a displaced courtier, then steals back to Castle Ryemont to face down the truth of her fake marriage.

Princess Nerys is married off to the King of Tordre, but not all is as it seems. Princess Nerys quickly discovers that she has been deceived – as has the entire kingdom! After a few tense weeks, Nerys manages to convince her new husband to let her visit her family in her home of Carentan. Set upon by bandits along the way, Nerys manages to escape her terrifying husband, only to find herself in the midst of a revolt.

The Blue King is a beautiful young adult fantasy filled with mystery and intrigue. Fast-paced, mystical, and jam-packed with gorgeous prose, this story was far from predictable. The multitude of twists keeps the reader guessing from start to finish. A lovely novel that focuses on the plot and isn’t bogged down with world-building unrelated to the storyline like many other books in this genre usually are.

It took me a few weeks to finish this novel because of life, but it was easy to pick up and put down without losing track of people or happenings.