Ashes Remain

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Aveline is a far cry from the kind, naïve woman she once was. A ferocious leader, she must fight against the repressive laws of the society she lives in, vicious new enemies, and the ghosts of her past who have returned to haunt her.

After the carnage suffered in the Kingdom of the East Angles, Aveline Birgersdóttir returns to the Danish lands, determined to win the loyalty of her people. Accused of lawbreaking, she is summoned to the þing to fight for her rights or be outlawed for her deeds.

Thóra Arnsteinsdóttir, Jan Jötunnson’s estranged wife, returns, bringing with her lies and secrets that spark a blood feud between Aros and the Norwegian city of Túnsberg.

After losing her purpose in life, Aveline takes the opportunity to travel to the shining city of Constantinople with Herra Kaupmaðr and his crew. The once-in-a-lifetime journey spirals into chaos when Aveline is betrayed and falls into the clutches of a man she never thought she’d see again.

Ashes Remain Details

Series: Danethrall Trilogy (Book 3)
Publisher: Two Ravens Publishing (2?th ? 2022)
Language: English
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