About Me

I was born in Peterborough, England, on the 5th November (Bonfire Night) 1991, to a proudly Welsh father and an even prouder Yorkshire mother.

Picture of me with bright blue hair from September 2021.

I dabbled in writing throughout my childhood (I was one of the strange kids in school who actually enjoyed English class), and have always had a keen interest in history and mythology. Writing my own novel was something I’d fantasised about for as long as I can remember, but nothing I wrote was ever quite good enough in my eyes.

In January 2017, I had a few daydreams and ideas for a story, and began writing about an Anglo-Saxon girl stolen away by Vikings. What began as ‘bright idea fairies’ and idle writing formed into something much more. Little over a year later, my first completed novel was published.

I chose to join the throng of modern authors and self-publish Danethrall. Originally I published Danethrall through Createspace before later switching to Kindle Direct Publishing. Self-publishing has been a learning curve, definitely, but I have enjoyed being so utterly involved in every aspect my novel, including the mistakes I’ve made. From designing covers, finding editors and proof-readers, formatting, etc, I have learned a lot, things only self-publishing could teach me.

Here’s a picture of me and my youngest three kids being silly in the car in August 2018.

I was introduced to my husband (an American who lived with his young daughter in England thanks to his job) by a mutual friend in October 2010, at the nightclub I bar-tended at. We went on to have three children together and married in 2013.

In July 2014, we moved to the USA.We first lived in Waldorf, Maryland from 2014-15, then moved to Arizona, to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. In 2016, after ten months of living in the desert, we decided to make a final move and settle in Michigan, my husband’s home state. We have lived there, in Mount Morris, ever since.

Over the first four years of living in the States, we added many stray cats (calico sisters Soot and Smudge, and tabby cat Jack) and two dogs (Saga, a Newfoundland, and Fable, a toy Australian Shepherd) to our family. In 2019, we also added a few more furry members to our family: an adorable Syrian hamster named Hamtaro, two goats named Forest and Luna (Nigerian Dwarf, the other half-ND half pygmy, respectively).

My beautiful newfie Saga and some of my homegrown tomatoes.

Outside of writing, I like to read, draw and crochet. In the spring/summer months I attempt to grow my own veg – so far I can successfully grow tomatoes, everything else gets eaten by the local wildlife before I have a chance to harvest it. I change my hair colour far more often than I should, and I like to collect old novels, Funko Pop, anything Pokemon related and X-Men comics.

Here are some more pictures just because.