Halloween Week

Hey everyone! How is your Halloween going so far? My youngest and I kick-started Halloween by making an adorable (and delicious) cookie house. It was yummy and she was so cute and excited to make it. ❤

During Halloween, the kids and I like to attend at least three trick-or-treating events, including the 31st itself. This year, we’re doing four! We love dressing up, getting scared and eating candy; Halloween is our favourite time of year.

Round 1 of Halloween was ‘Haunted Hallways’ – an annual trick or treat event held at the kids’ school. It was a lot of fun, although it did seem smaller this year, probably due to them rearranging the whole thing. Didn’t stop it from being fun, though. I went as a vampire, my son went as Slenderman, my daughters went as Alice Angel (a character from the game Bendy and the Ink Machine), Tiffany (aka the Bride of Chucky) and a broken doll.

Today, my kids’ cousin Gabby told us of an event held at Genesee Valley Center in Flint. The whole mall got together with the police, fire and ambulance services and set up a trick-or-treating bonanza. Participating stores gave out candy to the kids, there were a couple of scare rooms, trunk or treat from the cop cars and more. We didn’t do much of the trunk-or-treat outside because the kids were getting tired and cold. There were lots of queues, it was chaotic but we enjoyed it. 😛

Tomorrow is Halloween round three. The kids and I love Halloween, can you tell? Haha. One of these years I will get a real costume put together, but yet again I didn’t get one together in time. My youngest child is four, so hopefully within the next fourteen years I’ll go trick-or-treating with the kids in costume. 

How have you been spending your Halloween? How many trick-or-treating events have you gone to? What’s your favourite part of Halloween?


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