Rise To Fall Release Date

The official release date of Rise To Fall has been set! It will be available to purchase as of the 29th April 2019 in both paperback and e-Book format. Here is a peek at the cover and the blurb to keep you going until the end of the month:

It has been two years since Aveline Birgersdóttir and Vidar Alvarsson have seen their dear friend, Jan ‘Jötunnson’ Jarlufson. In the spring of 882, they are pleasantly surprised when he arrives unexpectedly at their door, but little do they know that Jan’s arrival will unleash a wave of terrible events.

Jan seeks their help to find his son and his wife, Thóra, who have disappeared without a trace. Eager to help their beloved friend, Aveline and Vidar find themselves caught up in the feud between Jan and his brother-in-law, Thorn Arnsteinson, who believes Jan has murdered Thóra. Jan and Thorn must settle their feud through a hólmganga, a duel of honour, but tragedy ensues.

In the aftermath of the hólmganga, Aveline travels across Denmark in search of wisdom and assistance from a mystical völva, a Norse shaman, whose advice leads Aveline and Vidar on a devastating journey across Francia and Aveline’s homeland, the Kingdom of the East Angles.


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