Progress Update

Sorry for the silence, I have been busy writing away and fixing up the errors in Danethrall. I completed the edits last night and sent it off to a proof reader. Just a few more rounds of work and it shouldn’t be much longer before I can put Danethrall back up for sale.

The reason I took Danethrall off the market was because there were an embarrassing amount of grammar errors, among other issues. I have since corrected them, plus a secondary character name has changed, the plot has been twinged slightly and I have moved the Timeline and Places pages to the back of the book.

So far, the book has increased from the original 392 pages to 414 pages (quite the difference!). This number may change again after a few rounds of reviews, but I thought it worth mentioning. I thought about making the font smaller, which would not increase the number of pages (actually it may decrease them by a few pages), but honestly I quite like the legibility of the current font and its size (Garamond 12pt).

Thanks to the increase in pages and requests for e-books, I am looking at using a different publishing company. I have found one company I am strongly considering using who might help me lower the price without lowering the quality of the book, AND it would make Danethrall available as an e-book, double win!

As a first-time self-published writer, this has been quite the learning experience for me. I am enjoying it, making many mistakes, but enjoying it. Making mistakes means you’re learning, right? 😉

For all those who bought the original version of Danethrall, I am offering a FREE PDF or physical copy (whichever you prefer) when it is completed. Please contact me if you are one of these original buyers!

As soon as I have Danethrall back from the proof reader, I will update here. Thank you again for your patience.

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