New Website

Danethrall is available now for purchase on Amazon in the USA, UK and Europe!


I took this picture of my backyard/garden, earlier today. You can hardly see the farmer’s field behind my home thanks to the snowfall (which, ironically, is not well seen in the image even though it was falling like mad!). The little black smudge in the lower centre of the image is my six-month-old Newfoundland puppy, Saga, thoroughly enjoying the weather.

It has been snowing nonstop, and I have been curled up under a blanket with a steaming hot coffee to hand, excitedly staring at my laptop screen for half the day. Danethrall has been available to purchase on Amazon for a few days, and now I have some semblance of a website!

Encouraged by the attention my book has garnered already, I have spent the day getting this website together. With frequent interruptions from puppies and cats, many breaks to chase the children and tickle the poop out of them, and My Little Pony constantly playing in the background, I have been trying to figure out what to include in this website, considering I have only just released the book (maybe I’m jumping too far ahead of myself?).

Regardless, it is nearly 8PM, time to tuck the little ones into bed (even though it’s a day off school tomorrow due to inclement weather, the little heathens have been bouncing off the walls all day and mummy needs some quiet time).

I have also decided to call it a night on the website and get writing. I have been working on a sequel to Danethrall for a month, and have a rough outline planned out. I am a couple chapters in – this time next year I hope to announce the release of book two!

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